Lori A Hendricks

Author, Publisher, and Lover of Diverse Speculative Fiction

About Me...

Hi. I'm Lori. I am addicted to coffee, sports, and the beach - like completely and utterly obsessed. Hear that yelling? It's probably me watching a game. I work, I read, I love my family (most of the time), and have ridiculous adventures with my friends. I develop websites and play silly games on my tablet. Oh, and I have a Cat. Her name is Mona.


But the best part of me is my writing. I am a storyteller. And my stories focus on the weakness in all of us and show that those flaws aren't what make us. They are what give us the strength to keep going. Sometimes those stories make us laugh and expose the ridiculousness of life. Other times the stories makes us cry and know that we aren't alone in the struggle. Books have always been my lifeline - escape and support in equal measure. I write to extend that lifeline to others.


Books, ballers, and the beach. That's me in a nutshell. Welcome!

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