Lori A Hendricks

Author, Publisher, and Lover of Diverse Speculative Fiction

Amethyst Rising

eBook ISBN - 978-0-9964403-3-2

Paperback ISBN - ​978-0-9964403-4-9

Queen Marlaveenia has been on the throne for two years and has finally gotten the hand of ruling -- sort of. In need of a break, she and her friends travel to Haster, Texas on Earth for some R&R and find nothing but trouble - as usual. 


Caught in the middle of a plot to minimize her ability to save her people from treacherous Verishe, Marla, along with Madoc, Rhisiart and her mother, Andi,  will use every trick up their sleeves and make a few up along the way. And in the process, Marla will discover that she can have everything she wants if she's willing to fight for it.

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